Cordele Police increasing patrols after robberies

Cordele Police increasing patrols after robberies

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - A Cordele convenience store was robbed last night for the second time in 6 weeks. It's the fourth armed robbery in Cordele in that time period. Police are now increasing patrols around these convenience stores.

Eastside Grocery is a common target for armed robbers. Three men hit the store in December, and another man robbed them in May.

Last night was the latest robbery.

"Two black males entered the east side grocery wearing all dark clothing. Their faces were covered with bandanas," said Sgt. Jeremy Taylor with the Cordele PD.

One of the men fired a round into the ceiling before clearing out the cash registers and even robbing customers. Long hours and poor visibility through front windows make the store vulnerable.

"Closing earlier would help. also at the time of closing, call us for an escort to sit by as they close the building," said Sgt. Taylor.

The Cordele Police Department isn't waiting for businesses to make those decisions though.

They're adding two officers to every shift solely responsible for patrolling these areas.

"If they see more of us out there, they're less likely to do something so that's they key point there is to many as we can put out," said Taylor.

Marquise Lawson was arrested and charged in the Eastside robbery from December, police believe he is the one pointing the cocked revolved at one employee.

They hope this arrest will lead to more and ultimately end these violent crimes.

"Once we finally make an arrest of one or two people, it stops because it's usually not large groups or crowds that are doing this, it's usually just a couple people that are responsible for most of it," said Taylor.

Taylor says keeping limited money in drawers and securing the cash registers are good ways to protect stores--anything that makes it harder for robbers to be successful.

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