Forgotten sprinklers create winter wonderland in Valdosta

Forgotten sprinklers create winter wonderland in Valdosta

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The bush in front of the Crescent garden center at the corner of Patterson Street and Gordon Street in Valdosta remained frozen over Thursday afternoon, as did several areas of the grass in the garden center's lawn.

The center's automatic sprinkler system had been left on, coating the lawn, the bush, and some spanish moss hanging from a tree with water, which turned into icicles due to the subfreezing temperatures in Valdosta for most of the day Thursday.

No one was at the garden center Thursday. A city official tried unsuccessfully to reach some of the employees.

An employee at Furniture Express across the street said he had never seen anything like this. "I happened to look in the direction and I see people standin' over there, pullin' the icicles off. It was just crazy! I aint seen nothin' like that before," Justin Gilbert.

Some of the water from the sprinklers did get into the road, so the city came by and put sand down on those areas Thursday morning.

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