Brace for bone chilling temps

Brace for bone chilling temps

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's a no brainer warm clothes are a must for cold days, but when we are below freezing you need to break out all your winter gear.

So, you want to get the most out of your winter clothes? Try tweaking your wardrobe, instead of cotton wear wool, cotton absorbs sweat and moisture making you feel cold. Wool rids of sweat and keeps you dry. Switch out your gloves for mittens, the mitten allows your fingers to keep heat inside. Also, layers are very important, they provide more warmth by concealing body heat compared to just wearing one thick coat. And of course

Make boots, hats and scarves part of your winter gear as well to protect any exposed areas.

Dougherty County Schools are being proactive this morning, making sure students are staying warm. They will have staff arrive earlier than usual to allow students to take advantage of heat. They say health is very important, nearly 70% of students in Dougherty take the bus.

"We hope our buses will be on time. One reason we start them early is so they can hit the stops on time throughout the morning while it is cold," DCSS Public Relations coordinator R.D. Harter said.

Make sure to give yourself extra time if you plan on dropping students off at school.

This can be very dangerous weather if you're not careful temperatures are low enough for frostbite if exposed to the elements for half an hour or more.

Those who work outside on construction say they are ready to brace the chill.

"I'm going to suit up for one, gonna get out the soup and coffee," Gregory Preston said.

"Thermals under my pants and sweat pants under my thermals, get some hand warmers in your gloves cause those help a lot," Andrew Summer said.

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