Darton State College in Cordele opens its doors

Darton State College in Cordele opens its doors

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - It was a ceremonious first day of school for students at Darton State College: Cordele Center.

The 60,000 square foot state of the art facility is 3 stories tall and in the heart of Downtown.

"This facility will help them keep Darton State. And now it looks like it's becoming a regional facility. So it will provide classes conjunctive with Albany State, Georgia Southwestern, as well as Darton State," said Project Manager Mike Parker.

Interim president of Darton State College, Dr. Paul Jones said the new campus is everything the school had hoped for.

"We couldn't wait to get into the facility," said Dr. Jones. "We had amazing leadership in this community, in bringing this project forward. So, we're just excited to be here."

One day into classes, students were already enjoying it too.

"[There's] smaller class sizes so the teacher can focus more on you, and help you out if you need more help," said freshman Kassedi Smith.

"It's really helpful cause, I live and work in Cordele. I work right across town. So, if I have a class, I have an hour in between class. I can go back and forth. It's really convenient," said sophomore Dawn Spradley.

The location of the school will also bring new revenue to the town.

"Can you imagine what happens when you put 300 to 400 students immediately downtown? There's a lot more activity. And that's what a lot of small towns are looking for. that catalyst. And this is definitely gonna be it," said Parker.

He and Jones hope the school well help revitalize Cordele, and give more students considering college, a reason to get a higher education

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