Chehaw Preps For Cold

Chehaw Preps For Cold

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Zookeepers at Chehaw are making sure their animals are comfortable, ahead of low temperatures expected for Thursday.

They say some of the residents at the wild animal park, such as cheetahs and camels, aren't bothered by the cold.

But others including meerkats, monkeys and rhinos need a little extra attention tonight.

"For a lot of our animals, we're going to up there diet a little bit and give them some extra calories to burn," Lead Keeper Samantha Sassone said. "We might place tarps in places where there weren't tarps, to provide wind break. We also use a lot of radiant heat."

Older animals also receive extra care in the cold.

Even if they are used to the cold, they are protected for arthritic concerns.

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