Colquitt County collecting unpaid garbage fees

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Colquitt County is making another push in an effort to collect more than $800,000 dollars in unpaid trash fees.

Officials say those fees date back to 1994. Land owners can pay them all at once or set up a payment plan if they owe too much.

There are people receiving garbage services who don't have an account, and those with accounts who have thousands of dollars in unpaid fees.

Leaders say the county-provided service is hard to maintain when people don't pay.

"When folks don't pay, it makes it difficult for us to operate that trash service obviously so again, just an effort to try and get folks to pay for a service that we are continuing to provide and have provided in the past," said County Administrator Chas Cannon.

Anyone who refuses to pay will have their property auctioned off on February 3rd at the county courthouse.

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