Albany Firefighters experience "Extreme Cold"

Albany Firefighters experience "Extreme Cold"

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Three Albany Firefighters are experiencing extreme cold Wednesday.

Deputy Chief Ron Rowe, Assistant Chief Rubin Jordan, and Stan Ruffin went to New London, Wisconsin to pick up four new fire trucks and drive them back.

The temperature there Wednesday, five below zero with a wind chill of negative 25.

Chief Rowe says weather that cold is hard to describe. "Immediately when you walk outside, your skin is dry," said Rowe.  "Anything that has. You can't breath through your nose that well.  You have to breath through your mouth.  You want to be covered up.  It's like you slammed your face into a bucket of ice water, and just left it there."  "I've never been this cold before. This is not going to be where I want to live."

The three firefighters and a sales rep should arrive back in Albany with the new trucks Friday.

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