Some South Georgia traffic lights receive facelift

Some South Georgia traffic lights receive facelift

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - You may notice something different on some South Georgia traffic lights.

The state Department of Transportation is putting reflective tape around some signals to make them more visible and improve safety.

The tape is also up at intersections in Ben Hill, Crisp, Randolph, Tift and Turner counties.

"It just makes the signal much more conspicuous. We're hoping it will reduce crashes from people who are not aware they are not approaching the signal. Or it will stop or prevent some of the rear end crashes just making people aware of the signal,” said Nita Birmingham, GDOT District Communications Officer.

G-DOT started on the project in October. They've retro-fitted 6-percent of the traffic signals they plan to do in our 31-county region.

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