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A Pathway Home for Hannah

RSVP sponsered by SOWEGA RSVP sponsered by SOWEGA
Jim Hill, RSVP Ramp Coordinator Jim Hill, RSVP Ramp Coordinator
Gail Thompson, Hannah's Grandmother Gail Thompson, Hannah's Grandmother
56 ft ramp leads to Hannah's front door 56 ft ramp leads to Hannah's front door
Hannah Croker Hannah Croker

When ramp coordinator Jim Hill saw a work request over Christmas break, he couldn't wait to get back to work.

"We had planned on being off a little longer," Hill said. "But when I got the request for this particular ramp for Hannah. I called the team, and everybody jumped and said let's do it. Let's get it done."

The retired senior volunteer program or RSVP, sponsored by SOWEGA council on aging, usually builds ramps for seniors who use wheelchairs.

But Hill said helping children is particularly special.

"Everyone is special that's wheelchair bound, needs a ramp to get out of their house. But it's just something there. a little extra when it's a child.'

Croker's grandmother, Gail Thompson, has been back and forth between the hospital in Atlanta and Hannah's house, overseeing all the necessary renovations.

"We've had a group out here the weekend ripping carpet out, because she can't be around carpet and everything," Thompson said. "And now we're waiting on the people to come in and check, measure the floor and all for the linoleum tile and stuff. And, get the bathroom renovated so she can get in there. And it's just, all volunteers. team Hannah members and just, great support."

Every single piece of wood used to build this 56 foot ramp was donated. And the crew who built it was happy to help.

"I have seen it. When we've finished, and the child comes down the ramp. You'll see, how ever many pairs of eyes that are looking, with tears in them. It gets us, it really does."

You can donate to the family here.

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