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South Georgia schools prepare for frigid temperatures

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Crews spent time repairing and fixing heat pumps at various Dougherty County schools on Tuesday as frigid temperatures continued to creep in to South Georgia.

"We've done all the precautions in the past two days to make sure that all of our heating systems are running, and that all the water is shut off where it's not in use," said Facilities Director Bob Fowler.

In addition to maintenance, crews are turning the heat on earlier to warm classrooms in some newer buildings.

"We have some older buildings that aren't insulated real well because we've not done the renovations on them yet. So we'll send a crew out and we'll set the heat and air to run 24/7," Fowler said.

"They go around the parking lot where our buses are kept and they start the buses early and try to warm them up a little bit," explained R.D. Harter with Dougherty County Schools. "Sometimes buses are harder to start on cold mornings so it gives us an opportunity to make sure they can get started and run the routes on time."

All schools will be opening about 30 minutes early to make sure students aren't left out in the cold.

"[At] most of our schools we don't have the facilities and the people to manage kids coming very early. But on very cold mornings we allow that to take place so that children aren't outside in the cold," said Harter.

School administrators want to make sure children get to school on time and can learn in a warm environment.

But Harter asks parents not to take advantage of the fact that schools are opening early.

He stressed that it is a safety precaution for the students who need it.

Children are also encouraged to bundle up and dress in layers during the cold weather.

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