APD investigates first murder of the year

APD investigates first murder of the year
D. A. Greg Edwards
D. A. Greg Edwards

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - 37-year-old Jimmie Fennell was found dead Tuesday morning with his throat cut, and APD is questioning a woman.

Fennell's body was found in a home in the 300 block of West Tift Avenue. People who live there tell us it's a boarding house. But city officials say that house does not have a business license.

Men who live and work at 311 West Tift Avenue said there was a great deal of blood on the walls and floors of the boarding home where Fennell was killed. They said they were upset and did not want to talk about the murder of their friend on camera.

Albany Salvation Army officials say Fennell ate and stayed at their facility often, and was well known and liked.

S. A. Commander Major Kelly English said, "Nice guy. Kept to himself. As much as was possible. Course usually the guys like to kind of volunteer in the kitchen to help clean up. It's my understanding that he was one of the few who would do that."

District Attorney Greg Edwards reports that Fennell was his cousin, a disabled petty officer from the Navy. Salvation Army leaders say Fennell's death hit them and their clients hard.

 "So there are a number in the community that are going to be missing him, because all of the sudden you are not going to see him anymore," English said.

Another investigation is now underway about the home where Fennell's body was found. City officials say there is no business license for that address to be a boarding house.

Fire Chief James Carswell said, "This is the first notice we've got that it was operating as a boarding house. Now since we've been made aware of it, it's been turned over to Code Enforcement to make sure that they now comply with city and state law."

City tax records say that house, built in 1920, is owned by Charles Woodard. The utilities are registered in the name Raymond Parker. We tried to contact them, but were unable to.

According to the District Attorney, Investigators are questioning a female person of interest, neighbors, and family members.

The Salvation Army says they will have counselors and employees available to talk with friends of Jimmie Fennell, dealing with grief over his death.

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