How to prepare your home for freezing temperatures

How to prepare your home for freezing temperatures

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You need to prepare your house for the unusually cold weather. Temperatures Wednesday will be 15-20 degrees cooler than Tuesday, and there are several important steps you can take so that your utility bill doesn't skyrocket.

Doors and windows are just a couple of things that need checking before freezing temperatures sweep across southwest Georgia.

"You want to make sure your windows and doors are sealed. If you are on the inside and you can look out your door and see light around the perimeter of your door, those doors need to be weather stripped," said WG&L Auditor Larry Evans.

It's also good to take a quick peak in your attic to make sure insulation is adequate. After that, check your thermometer. Keeping them on a consistent temperature ensures that your bill doesn't cost hundreds of dollars.

"Keep your heat at 68-70 degrees. [That's] supposed to keep your unit from running as long. Higher you take it, the more the unit will run," said Evans.

After setting your thermometer, it's time to move anywhere you might have sinks--kitchens, bathrooms--opening up those cabinets. Opening up these cabinets keeps pipes from freezing. You can actually grab a dish towel and wrap it around those pipes to ensure that they don't get too cold. But the best thing to do to keep those pipes from freezing and later busting is just to keep a little bit of water dripping through them all night. That ensures that water is moving through the pipes and won't freeze.

"Pipes freeze, then they'll expand and burst and what you'll have then is a high water bill because your water is running and you'll have to do maintenance on your pipes," said Evans.

Take these steps before it's too late.

Evans says you can call Water, Gas, and light to schedule a free home audit to help you keep your bill under control. They'll give advice on how to keep your utility bills lower.

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