Beat the freezing temps

Beat the freezing temps


It's cold now and will only get colder throughout the week, so get ready. That means making trips to store to buy all your winter supplies for your home, that might include plastic, insulation pipe covers, and weathering strips.

Plastic can be used to cover the inside of your windows, while the weathering strips will help conceal cracks underneath the door or windows. The U.S. Department of Energy says drafts can drain up to 30% of your energy.

One tip you can use that won't cost you a thing is simply reversing the rotation of your ceiling fan, by setting it to clockwise position it will  make the room warmer.

If you plan to use your fireplace make sure its cleaned out before you light up, sometimes debris or flute can catch fire and make it very dangerous. Use a screen protector and never overload the area with logs.

Over the holidays a Georgia man died after his space heater caught his home on fire. It's important to check your smoke detectors and replace any old batteries.

As for your car, make sure your defroster and heater to make sure they are functionally properly, give yourself that extra time in the morning to warm up the car. If there is ice that has formed on the windshield use luke warm water to splash on it, it will melt it quickly and easily.

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