Four men sentenced in business owners murder

Four men sentenced in business owners murder

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Relatives of Walter Phelps were able to look at those responsible for his death in the eye today and say how their actions devastated their family.

It was judgment day on Monday for four people connected to the murder of Walter Phelps.

Jordan Harris will spend the rest of his life in prison. Ryan Richardson was given 20 years for armed robbery with 12 to serve in prison. Jamon Carter was given 13 years probation for credit card fraud, 3 years probation for the same charge for Ezekiel James.

Harris was convicted of shooting the former Lee County Commissioner in his business P&P Hardware during a robbery in 2010. Phelps died a month later. The judge heard from relatives of Phelps before handing down the sentences.

"In the last 1,612 days, the family , friends and customers of Walter Phelps have been disenfranchised by Jordan Harris for his cold blooded murder of Walter Phelps," said Charles Phelps.

Phelps' widow also addressed those involved in the case, saying she wants justice.

"And my prayer for the defendants continue to be for them to know crime has a cost. I pray that the judge will wisely sentence the defendant with justice in mind for all the victims in the case,"  said Shirley Phelps.

Family members of Jordan Harris insisted he did not kill Walter Phelps.

"I don't know what the real problem is with Jordan maybe he didn't talk enough, but his life is still worth something," Sabrina Hayes, Godmother of Jordan Harris.

Harris' mother shed tears for her son.

"I feel bad that they lost someone they love, but I'm losing someone I love too. His children can still see him but it's not the same and it never the same when you have to go behind bars to see someone," said the mother of Jordan Harris.

Phelps' son is relieved the case is over, though it won't bring his loved one back.

"The only man that can look me in the eye and know exactly what I was thinking and feeling has been stolen from me. I was never given the opportunity to tell my father the final goodbye," said Phelps.