New study shows fewer people dying of cancer

New study shows fewer people dying of cancer

A study by the American Cancer Study shows fewer people are dying from cancer.

Cancer death rates among men and women dropped 20-percent from a peak in 1991 to 2010.

The Cancer Coalition of South Georgia is working to continue to bring the numbers down.

They attribute the decrease to preventive screenings and new treatments.

"Cancer is one of those things it's never pleasant to hear the word cancer. It affects so many of us. But to see that the death rates are decreasing that's always a victory in the battle in cancer within our area. it's a small victory we still have people not getting access to screenings and people who need to be educated about the different types of cancers," said Kimberly Scott.

Colon cancer has declined the most in recent years due in part to more people having colonoscopies.