Cold weather's on the way!

Cold weather's on the way!

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Forecasters say you need to prepare now for potentially dangerous frigid weather this week.

The National Weather Service expects wind gusts Thursday morning that could cause wind chills in Georgia to plummet to the single digits.

Thursday and Friday mornings will be the coldest. Experts remind folks to protect their pets, plants and pipes, and of course check on the elderly.

"We haven't had these cold temperatures since November, we got down to 19, but this is going to be different because of the winds. And with the wind chill factors dropping below 15 and into that wind chill advisory, it will be dangerous to be outside, especially exposed skin for more than an hour or so," said WALB Meteorologist Chris Zelman.

The last time we saw temperatures this cold was last January. The good news is that cold temperatures lowers the risk of severe weather like we've had recently.

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