Tift Co. homeowners clean up storm debris

Tift Co. homeowners clean up storm debris
Neil Sparkman
Neil Sparkman
Dana Jackson
Dana Jackson

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Sunday's storm left a huge mess behind in Tift County, at Brookfield Baptist Church as severe weather blew through during the morning worship service.

High winds tossed a swing set around and knocked over a playhouse and basketball goal.

Pastor Gary Cadwell says they are slowly cleaning up and will continue to hold services in their damaged building.

People were busy cutting down trees and cleaning up all the debris Monday.

Two homes behind the Brookfield Baptist Church were damaged pretty bad. Residents say they expect to be cleaning up for at least a week.

Neil Sparkman says they've been working hard since 7:30 this morning to cut down trees, and burn all the loose limbs Sunday's storm left behind.

While the skies are blue now, the mess down below is keeping people busy. "It got pretty bad and we are cleaning up today," he said.

The storm managed to uproot this tree that's at least three or four feet in diameter. Sparkman says it's gonna take some time to cut this one up. "We are gonna let it dry up some and bring in a loader to come in and get it."

He says the storm came in through the woods behind his in-laws house. On the other side their neighbors got it much worse. The woman who lives here says the storm came through with a powerful force.

"Then all of the sudden the house started shaking, and we knew something bad had happened," said Dana Jackson.

Sunday's storm was strong enough to blow an aluminum garage several feet from the house and wrap it around these trees.

"It's unreal and the way things are just twisted up and it looks like something just picked it up and dropped it. You know it's just unreal," Jackson said.

She says she's not an expert, but thinks it had to be a tornado. "To do this kind of damage I think it was."

Besides the garage one woman also lost her shop that her dad built. Now she's just waiting for the insurance adjuster to come and out and survey the damage.

Although many residents think a tornado hit, we are still waiting for that to be officially confirmed. A team from the National Weather Service in Jacksonville is expected to come and do some survey work.

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