Cook County man pleads guilty to double murder

ADEL, GA (WALB) - Ashley "Bo" Rutland, of Cook County pled guilty Monday afternoon to the beating deaths of Frances Lisa Hall and her infant daughter, Jersi Rayne Hall, in May of 2013

It happened outside of Sparks, Georgia, and was investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Cook County Sheriff's Office. Rutland pled guilty to causing the deaths by striking the two victims with a baseball bat, and received a sentence of life without parole on both counts.

District Attorney Dick Perryman took the plea at the Cook County Courthouse today and explained to the Court that the State would not seek the death penalty, since Rutland has agreed to plea to two life sentences without parole. Perryman went on to add that the plea also required Rutland to waive any rights to appeal his sentence. Rutland was represented by attorneys from the Capital Defender's Office.

"It is after much prayer and many conversations with the victim's family that I decided to withdraw the death penalty and accept a plea of life without the possibility of parole. I would not have considered a plea to life without the possibility of parole except the victim's family repeatedly expressed their desires to have the Defendant spend the rest of his natural life in prison rather than him receive the death penalty. While there can never be any real justice in the murders of Lisa and Jersi Hall, at least this will allow the victim's family to try and put this behind them and begin to heal," stated District Attorney Dick Perryman.

Superior Court Judge Howard McClain accepted the plea of guilty from Rutland and sentenced him to two concurrent life sentences without the possibility of parole.

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