Thieves use van to steal gas

Thieves use van to steal gas
The gas was pumped out of an underground tank
The gas was pumped out of an underground tank

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - More arrests are expected in a fuel theft case in Terrell County.

55 year-old Leslie Hunt Jr. is now facing additional charges after he gave authorities a fake name of Danny Terry.

Deputies say they caught Hunt and 22 year-old George Bellamy early Saturday morning trying to siphon gas from this underground tank at the Boomerang Fuel and Food store.

Authorities found two 12-volt batteries, a 100-gallon tank and an electric pump in the back of their van.

Since our original story ran Monday night, several agencies have reached out to the Terrell County Sheriff's Office with similar incidents.


Two men are behind bars in Terrell County after they were caught trying to steal gas from an underground tank. Authorities believe this isn't their first time after finding the elaborate and dangerous set up.

A Terrell County deputy patrolling the area early Saturday morning spotted the van in the parking lot of Boomerang Fuel and Food on Albany Highway.

"They saw this truck sitting there and the guys had the hood up like the truck was broken down so the deputy pulled up and asked them what was the problem. And they told them they were having problems with the truck and they got it in and left," said Sheriff John Bowens with the Terrell County Sheriff's Office.

When they left the deputy noticed one of these underground tanks had been opened. The deputy followed the thieves and pulled over 57 year-old Danny Terry and 22 year-old George Bellamy.

Authorities found this 100 gallon tank, electric pump and two 12 volt batteries in the back of the van. "We've had problems here with them stealing the whole fuel tanks from some of the farmers, stuff like that, but I've never seen one rigged up like this before," said Bowens. "I think that was just an accident waiting to happen."

Authorities say the thieves backed their van up, where they attempted to siphon gas from this tank into that tank in their van. "I think they've done it before, I don't think this is their first trip," said Bowens.

Authorities believe the two were just getting started when they got busted. The owner of Boomerang isn't sure how much fuel they got away with.

Both Terry and Bellamy are being held on $30,000 bond. They are each charged with possession of stolen property, theft by taking, loitering or prowling, possession of tools during the commission of a crime, false statements and writings, and criminal trespassing.

The GBI is assisting in the investigation. Sheriff Bowens is asking other agencies that may have experienced gas thefts to contact his office at 229-995-4488.

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