Storm rips off roofs in Mitchell County

Storm rips off roofs in Mitchell County
Kay Scarbrough, Homeowner
Kay Scarbrough, Homeowner
Richard Scarbrough, Homeowner
Richard Scarbrough, Homeowner

A Mitchell County family says they're lucky to be alive after strong winds and heavy rain blew the roof right off their home on Old Pelham Road today.

The roofs of one family's home is now in the trees, blue tarps are covering the houses that were hit the worst by the storm.

"It was just like a sound you just don't hear," said Kay Scarbrough.

The storm damaged Richard Scarbrough's home, and blew off part of his chimney, which landed in his mother's yard next door.

"I looked out, the wind was blowing real hard a tree had went over and then I felt the house shake and I really thought that that was the end," said Richard Scarbrough.

He says the damage done to his mother's home is much worse.

"I looked at my husband and he looked at me and he said well let's get in the kitchen and time we got in the kitchen it was over with," said Kay Scarbrough.

The storm damaged her car port, well, front porch and bedroom.

"Houses can be fixed, but lives can't sometimes, so we were really blessed," said Kay Scarbrough.

Next door, Firefighters with the Hopeful Volunteer Fire Department stayed busy keeping water from pouring into an elderly woman's home.

"Me and some of the other guys got up, put the metal back down, screwed it down and put a tarp over it until the weather passes and she can get it fixed," said Eric Santos, Hopeful Volunteer Fire Department Chief.

Across the street, a barn was destroyed, and a camper was flipped upside down.

Firefighters had to go inside and save the homeowner, who went to the hospital.

Residents say they had to pull together to help each other out, and as the Scarbrough family works to put their home back together, they say their glad everyone is ok.

"You know I have my family, that's what counts," said Richard Scarbrough.

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