Tifton woman says home was shot by relative

Tifton woman says home was shot by relative
A bullet struck Baker's front door
A bullet struck Baker's front door
The other bullet went inside Baker's home
The other bullet went inside Baker's home

A Tifton woman is upset after she says a family member shot up her home with a bullet barely missing one of her children. Valerie Baker is thankful no one was hurt in yesterday's shooting at her home, she now wants the person responsible behind bars.

Valerie Baker is glad to be holding her one year old son in her arms after he was almost struck by a bullet yesterday afternoon.

"You see where my baby standing at, that bullet went right here," said Valerie Baker. "It could've shot him in the neck."

Baker says the shooting stems from an argument she had with a relative in her front yard on South College Circle.

"He was like you better stop lying on me," said Baker. "I was like lying on you. I ain't lied on you."

That's when Baker says the man left but came back threatening to shoot her.

"Ain't nobody scared of you. Like I said and when I said that he shot the gun," said Baker.

Baker says he fired two shots towards the home. One bullet struck the front door.

"He was leaning like that, and he had his hand up on the little railing inside and my baby was standing right there," said Baker.

And the other went inside.

"By my baby head, if it would've went through the trailer it would've killed my baby," said Baker.

More than 10 people were inside the home, including Baker's six children.

"I'm mad as hell," said Baker. "I was like mad last night. I couldn't even turn up last night because I was so mad."

So far, we have not been able to confirm with police the name of the shooting suspect and whether any charges have been filed.

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