Burglars make things tough for one business

Burglars make things tough for one business

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - New Year's night was ruined for one Albany business after burglars broke in and stole computers and tools. This is the second time in as many weeks that the thieves have broken in, both times, coming in through a side fence.

They pulled down the top from the barbwire before walking over and peeling back the side of the warehouse and getting in. The manager said they're tightening things up after these two break-ins.

Robert Williams worked on his computer while the spot where the other one was sits empty after burglars got away with it New Year's night.

"Get a call that my business has been broken in again and it's been a ongoing problem for the last couple weeks," said Williams.

The distribution center sells truck parts for 18 wheelers and while the burglars aren't getting away with any merchandise, the recent computer theft and phone-line-cutting is causing a similar headache.

"Well it's just the inconvenience of it because it's a disturbance because it takes time to try to get everything going. It just really affects business," said Williams.

The business is stepping up though.

"We're being very proactive in making changes to deter these people," said Williams.

They have barricaded a door on both sides, secured phone lines, and put more screws on side panels. Williams said there's other things too that he doesn't want to share just yet.

"I think if it's the same people doing it, they're going to get a surprise when they come and I don't think they're going to like it."

So burglars beware, this may not be a place you want to come.

Williams said they're also looking to add cameras to the inside and outside. Anything that may keep these crooks away.

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