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New Year's dishes from around the world

Jimmie Fillyaw, Harvey's store director Jimmie Fillyaw, Harvey's store director
Shopper Debra Storm Shopper Debra Storm

The most popular southern tradition to ring in the New Year includes: black eyed peas, greens, and hog jowl.Black eyed peas is meant to bring luck, greens such as turnip or collards are believed to bring wealth and the pork is said to ensure good health.

Harvey's store director Jimmie Fillyaw says he has had an influx of customers asking for these items that they have had to put more staff on duty to cater to shoppers. The store has even had to put in more orders to ensure they will be fully stocked straight through New Year's Day.

"Oh, yeah. Had to order extra and we have another shipment coming in today to take care of the customer so we have plenty of product on hand. We've seen a real brisk business today," Fillyaw said.

"You know the New Year is the perfect time to start to eat more vegetables so I'm buying my greens. And just raw fruits and vegetables so I can be more healthy for the new year," Shopper Debra Storm said.

Other New Year celebrations around the world include eating grapes, a tradition seen in South America and Spain. People will eat 12 grapes each representing a stroke on the clock or month of the year. If your first grape is bitter then January might be a rough month. You have to eat all the grapes before midnight hits.

Cake is another tradition many people celebrate, a ring-shaped pastry will be presented with a hidden trinket inside and whoever finds the item will have good luck. Fish is also considered a dish to bring luck.

Some people have already grabbed those New Year's items last night but you can expect many others to go out and snag them today. Try to get to the store early to make sure you have what you need to celebrate.

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