Americus residents react to violent crimes

Americus residents react to violent crimes

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Four people have been killed and several more injured just this month in Americus, after no homicides all year. As we talked to people, they all share a common concern for what is going on.

One minister even has an organization to combat these kind of crimes. The recent string of violent crimes has citizens on edge.

"We're a small community. Yet in still, we have had 3 murders in the last 3 weeks," said minister Jacob Battle.

And it's something people in this town share the same feeling over.

"What it is becoming to be, I hope it don't continue. I don't like what happened. It's sad," said citizen James Young.

"It's always sad and my heart goes out to these families. I'm not horribly alarmed but it is sad," said Evan Davies.

As Jacob Battle picks through produce on the side of a busy Americus road, he just sees it as another way to get involved in the community in an effort to stop these crimes.

He started a group several years ago called "People Against Black Genocide."

"We have four black males to get killed by four white policemen and it brought this great uproar all over the nation, but they are failing to look at black on black murders," said Battle.

Battle says these recent murders should concern people in the community and should spur action.

"This community should be outraged. All the preachers in this community and all the Christians ought to be outraged and let's come together and find a solution," said Battle.

A solution to the problem that has left 4 dead in the past three weeks. The fourth just a 4-year old little girl.

In addition to Assata Snipes, people are also remembering Marcus Harper and Dontrell White.

GBI Agents say the fourth victim, Marcus Thames, came from Columbus to rob Harper and his friends last week at a home on Price Street.

If you want to contact Jacob Battle, his number is 229-815-3354, and his email is


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