Customers stock up at fireworks stand

Mark Walker
Mark Walker

Fireworks stands have been busy with folks stocking up for New Year's Eve celebrations.

Mark Walker has been selling fireworks in the Walmart parking lot on Ledo Road in Lee County all week.

He says business has picked up with folks looking to ring in the new year, and he's hoping to sell out. They sell everything from the little pop-its to more extravagant sparks.

"Georgia has some laws, some things we can't sell here in Georgia, but everything here in this tent is legal. It's got some big fountain things, things that shoot up about 20, 25 foot," said Walker. It's illegal in the state of Georgia to posses or sell fireworks that explode or fly through the air, but certain types of sparklers are allowed.

Walker says he'll be selling fireworks late into the night, or until they sell out.

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