Two So. GA cases to be heard by Supreme Court

Two So. GA cases to be heard by Supreme Court

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - A Grady County case involving the Tired Creek Lake Project, and a Berrien County case of murder are coming before the Georgia Supreme Court next week.

The Grady County case involves the 25-foot buffer to protect wetlands and involves Grady County's effort to construct a 960-acre fishing lake by building a dam that would flood various creeks and wetlands.

Georgia's Erosion and Sedimentation Act (Georgia Code § 12-7-6 (b) (15) (A)) states that there must be a 25 foot buffer along the banks of all state waters, as measured horizontally from the point where vegetation has been wrested by normal stream flow or wave action, except where one of six exceptions applies.

An Alapaha man convicted of shooting and killing his son is appealing his murder conviction and sentence to life in prison.

The state says that Jonathan Dyal was living with his parents, Vickie and Lewis Dyal in Alapaha, in 2007.  in rural Berrien County. After work on Dec. 17th, 34-year-old Jonathan Dyal, a construction worker, came home and was drinking outside as he stood by his truck and listened to the radio.

His father, 56-year-old Lewis Dyal, an electrician, was also drinking outside near his truck. Jonathan eventually went inside to get something to eat and help his mother set up a new satellite dish.

The two were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner when Lewis came in and said he was going to take a shower and go to bed. Vicky Dyal later testified that it had been a quiet, peaceful evening, which was a change from the drinking and arguing that was common in their marriage.

But after Lewis had been in the bedroom for a while, he returned with a loaded .44 caliber revolver in his hand and pointed it at both his wife and son. As Jonathan stood next to his mother, with his hand on her shoulder, Lewis fired twice at his son, striking him in the face and instantly killing him.

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