E-Cigarettes light controversy

E-Cigarettes light controversy

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Holly Selman, a smoker for 11 years, said switching to e-cigarettes made her life better.

"I can smoke in the house now. I can smoke in the car with the windows up. I've got a child with asthma and it don't phase him at all."

Michael Summerlin, the owner of a vapor store in Albany, says he switched to e-cigarettes two years ago after smoking for 20 years. He says vapor is safer.

But a new study by National Jewish Health shows increased use of e-cigarettes can increase the risk of respiratory infections. Researchers found the liquid used in vapor cigarettes causes inflammation in human airway cells, regardless of whether nicotine is present.

"They are far too new for us to really be able to measure all the risks associated with using them," said Relay for Life Specialist Erin Freeman.

When it comes to ingredients, the list for traditional nicotine cigarettes is longer, but the American Cancer Society says there are hidden ingredients in e-cigarettes that have not been tested, like flavoring.

But Summerlin, who's store actually produces liquid flavoring for e-cigarettes, isn't convinced of the danger.

"We make our juices. There are only 4 ingredients. None of which are harmful," he explained.

So what goes into the liquid of vapor e-cigarettes?

Vegetable glycerin
Polypore glycol

Still, Freeman worries that some parts may get into the hands of children.

The American Cancer Society suggests being vigilant and informed and talk to your kids about the unknown dangers.

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