Stolen Christmas gifts are a mystery

Stolen Christmas gifts are a mystery
Matt Pearce
Matt Pearce

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Unwrapped Christmas presents are found, after a Grinch stole them from a car in a Lee County subdivision.

Debris from unwrapped Christmas presents was left scattered off Dunbar Lane in Dougherty County, after crooks targeted vehicles in the Huntingdon subdivision in Lee County.

"Between Christmas Eve, the evening of and the morning of Christmas they were taken from a vehicle. Several entering autos in the area, I want to say three in the Huntington neighborhood," said Investigator Matt Pearce.

Monday evening, an alert Dougherty County officer patrolling the Dunbar Lane area found what he thought was trash.

"Upon looking further into it he realized it was actually packages that resemble Christmas presents," Pearce said.

Authorities say the thieves hopped that fence behind me with the gifts took them to this area, unwrapped all the presents and left behind the gifts and the paper."

"Children's Christmas gifts, just things you would give your family. It was mainly for a small girl."

Unwrapped presents were identified by the victim's sister-in-law, who lives on Morning Mist Drive.

"They were shocked that we had located it. They said they did not expect to find any of it. It was in very bad condition because of the weather but they were still relieved and very happy to take it and try to salvage what they could," Pearce said.

Now authorities are trying to track down the Grinch who ruined a little girl's Christmas, and could now also face charges.

The victim lives in Atlanta and was visiting family in Lee County. The thieves broke her window to get the presents.

Lee County investigators have no suspects at this time and this case remains under investigation.

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