Young girl shot in Americus home

Young girl shot in Americus home

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - No arrests have been made as a toddler remains in a Macon hospital after being shot Tuesday morning in Americus.

Several neighbors gathered in the street and watched as the GBI gathered evidence at the house on Georgia Avenue, just wondering how a 4-year old girl wound up being the only victim.

Bullet holes pierced a window while markers were scattered across the property at 802 Georgia Avenue.

"It doesn't appear to be a drive by. Some type of altercation took place between some parties," said Special Agent in Charge Danny Jackson.

But it's what officers found inside after the 3:30 a.m. emergency call that turned this into a much more tragic situation.

"When they arrived, they discovered that a 4 year old female child had been shot," said Jackson.

"I just don't understand why things like this happen," said neighbor Frank Weems.

Things that neighbors say don't often happen on the side street off Highway 19.

"This is a good neighborhood. Like I said, everybody minds their own business. When you ride by, people speak. I wouldn't imagine things like this happening in this neighborhood," said Weems.

One neighbor told us he heard several gunshots before coming outside and seeing a white car speeding off down the road. GBI agents have not released any details of the crime, but the fact that a 4-year old was shot is a wake up call to everyone.

"It's just sad that things like this happen to kids in the neighborhood because I got a kid of my own and I don't want nothing like this to happen," said Weems.

And he'll do his part to make sure it doesn't.

"I'm going to be watching mine. Watching the neighborhood. Making sure things go smoothly out here," said Weems.

It's the place Weems calls home, and he says that won't change.

We have not been able to get any names on the residents or a condition of the little girl, but we will update that information when we do.

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