Taxi services ready to stop DUI violations

Taxi services ready to stop DUI violations

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The New Year's Day celebrations will be happening soon but taking in too much alcohol can put a big dent in your pocket and your new year.

Bars and Taxi Services in Albany are working together to make sure no one is left alone to drive after a night of celebrating the new year. Some bars already have taxi numbers on standby.

While some people may celebrate brining in the new year by having a drink, bars like the Benchwarmer in East Albany want you to do it responsibly.

"A lot of times we'll have two people who won't drink and they take both them and their car home so we try and do that but nobody drinks and drive," said Lisa Huffman.

The Benchwarmer staff makes it a point to get their customers home safely, taking their car keys if they have to. Owner Lisa Huffman says occasionally they'll make a decision to call a taxi service for customers.

"Not only will I make it but the bartender has every right to make it herself. The bartender without any interference from me can cut someone off and say they can't drive home," said Lisa Huffman.

Jimmie Dixon of Big Jim's Taxi Service provides transportation for most bars in East Albany. He's ready for New Years Eve and New Years Day which is his biggest holiday of the year.

"A lot of them have reservations you know and I just go and pick them up and take them where ever they are going and go back and pick them up. Keep them from getting a DUI," said Jimmie Dixon.

And Dixon is only a phone call away for many of the bars this holiday.

"Mr. Jim is on the phone list behind the bar and actually most of the bartenders have his number in their cell phone," said Lisa Huffman.

Dixon says his service is fairly cheap compared to paying fines for driving under the influence or landing in jail.

"Anywhere from 10-20 bucks. Of course if they go out of town its higher than that. I have carried them to Atlanta and Valdosta," said Dixon.

Employees at Benchwarmer and other bars say they will give a ride to those who may have had a little too much to drink.

A DUI violation in the state of Georgia can cost you $10,000, jail time and other fees even if no one is harmed.

Big Jim's taxi service can be contacted at 229-288-5743. 

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