Law enforcement spots Lowndes Co. tornado

Law enforcement spots Lowndes Co. tornado
Witness Willie Hargett
Witness Willie Hargett

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - A storm that appeared with lightning speed has passed, and folks are evaluating the damage. There is tremendous amount of damage, but everyone involved has very little warning.

"Like I said, it came from no where," said witness Willy Hargett.

At 11:32 Monday morning, law officers spotted a tornado 11 miles Southwest of Naylor. Three minutes later, the National Weather Service issued a warning.

"It just came from nowhere, it was raining outside and like I said we started hearing a noise and it just sounded like an airplane noise and next thing I know we just heard the banging and by that time we were hitting the floor," said Hargett.

Hargett says he didn't see anything, but he knew he had to seek shelter.

"We were just trying to get up under vehicles and stuff and try to avoid it because the top of the building was just flying off, all you could see was roof being pealed apart," said Hargett.

There is substantial damage and the sheriff's office is urging people to stay away from this area.

"It's very important that no one comes in this area, the buildings are still unsafe, the grounds are unsafe because there are electrical wires down on the ground," said Lowndes Sheriff Chris Prine.

And even after it's all cleaned up, those in the path of the storm won't soon forget. "That was a first and hopefully last experience for me," said Hargett.

We know that five people were injured from this storm; two are considered serious. The NWS will conduct a full survey tomorrow.

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