Recent shootings spur residents to move

Recent shootings spur residents to move

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany police are investigating 3 shootings that happened over the weekend.

Two on Willard Avenue and a third on East Residence are starting to concern some residents. No one was killed in any of the three shootings.

Police have not commented on whether the shootings are gang related or random, but say each remains under investigation.

In one of those shootings on Willard Avenue, an 8 year old was shot. His mother tells me she's had panic attacks and even passed out after her son was nearly killed Friday night.

Other residents tell me they're looking to move. Willard Avenue was quiet Monday morning, but people in the neighborhood are worried that two recent shootings put kids in danger.

"I haven't stayed at home since this happened. I'm scared to be here. I come here everyday and get clothes, get food, and we leave. My son doesn't even want to come on this street. But he says 'momma I miss my friends but I can't come home; I'm scared,'" says Latosha Flownory.

The 8-year old is scared for good reason--a bullet narrowly missing his head in a Friday night shooting.

"The bullet went through his ear, and it came out and hit the back of his head twice," said Flownory.

Neighbors say they saw men running through the street toward Flownory's backyard when someone chasing them fired the shots. She said the gang members don't live in the neighborhood, but they show up there.

"There are no gang members, but they come over this way making it hard on everybody who lives on this street," said Flownory.

One of those people is Nequanis Hall, just 5 houses down the street.

"I told them to get down, and I had them crawl to their room, and then I went back to the front room to see what it was and it was a bullet hole," said Nequanis Hall.

Hall's house became the latest to fall in a bullet's path just after 11 Sunday night. She doesn't know why someone would shoot at her house.

"I have no idea. I don't bother nobody. I stay to myself. I'm in the house the majority of the time," said Hall.

It's two separate shootings that have left these victims looking for the quickest way out.

"Soon as I can find something available, I'm moving. That's my first priority right now," said Hall.

"It's time. I have to go. I could have lost my son and this is too close, this hit home," said Flownory.

Flownory begs anyone with any information on the shooting to come forward to police so the shooter or shooters can be held accountable.

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