Travelers head home from the holidays

Travelers head home from the holidays
Keiona Thorpe and Fertina Kirksey, Travelers
Keiona Thorpe and Fertina Kirksey, Travelers

Lots of folks are making their way back home after visiting family and friends this holiday season.

It's one of the busiest travel days of the year and drivers say this year it seems less stressful.

"We left Jacksonville and went to Richland, Georgia just out of Columbus and it's been great," said Herman Tompkins, Traveler. "We haven't had any problems on the road."

"Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, til it got late that night," said Fertina Kirksey, Traveler. "Everybody was in and out but it was pretty good."

Low gas prices made the trip even easier. Prices were as low as $1.84 at the Enmark station in Albany. It's a price many people couldn't resist.

"Right here at $1.84, I love it," said Tompkins.

"She was excited because the gas prices are down, makes it easier to fill up the truck," said Keiona Thorpe, Traveler.

Those from out of town were surprised to see prices in South Georgia were much lower than where they're from.

"In Florida the cheapest we found was like $2.13, $2.15 a gallon on the regular," said Tompkins.

"It's like $2.40 or $2.50 down there and up here it's $1.84 so I had to pump up right now," said Kirksey.

"Yeah, pump all the way up," said Thorpe.

Many say they wish the holidays weren't over yet.

"We really enjoyed ourselves," said Patricia Tompkins, Traveler. "We really weren't ready to go back home, but we have to go back."

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