ATV crash leaves South Georgia man in hospital

ATV crash leaves South Georgia man in hospital

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Friday afternoon ATV crash sends one South Georgia man to the hospital.

State troopers said Brian Kimbrell was going eastbound when crashed into another utility vehicle along the Marine ditch in the 2300 block of Radium Springs Rd this afternoon.

"As you can see over here, he did not know about this huge ditch that he basically had to cross."

He was taken to Phoebe Putney for treatment.

Law enforcers said he dislocated his elbow. Trooper Robert Corbin said ATV's can be more dangerous than cars.

"You have to be careful. At a high rate of speed, you can get more injured on a ATV offroad, then you almost can off road then you can in a car. At least in a car you have a seatbelt. An ATV most ATVs don't have a seatbelt, Trooper Robert Corbin.

Especially after the bad weather this week.

"Especially after all the rain, its extremely muddy," said Trooper Corbin

Corbin said they don't see a whole lot of ATV crashes, but when they do, it's usually bad.

"When we are dispatched to an ATV or a UTV crash, it's usually a serious injury.

He said Kimbrel was not wearing a helmet when he crashed, and although its not a law, he encourages people to wear one.

"Off road like this having a little fun, it's not a law, but highly recommended," said Trooper Corbin

And in the meantime, troopers remind folks as there is two days left in the holiday travel period to take their time while driving.

"People are traveling too fast. They need to slow down, take their time, and they will arrive at their location safely. And they will have a wonderful rest of the holiday."

Kimbrell also had a broken arm and ribs.

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