What to do with all of those Christmas returns

What to do with all of those Christmas returns

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Christmas is over. What should you do with those unwanted gifts?

"I came to the mall to return a couple of Christmas gifts that I got that weren't really my taste," said shopper Maggie McCoy.

Everyone had the same idea in mind: Get to the mall as soon as possible to make sure the things you want are still in stock.

"I'm off today and I just figured I'd get it done, while there were still things left of the same thing I got," said shopper Kim Garrett. "So I could exchange it for the same thing."

And many shoppers got some extra items while they took advantage of the after Christmas sales.

But for most people, the after Christmas crowds were a little too much to handle.

There's one store I went into and I just got a gift card, I didn't even try to pick something out because the line was too long," another shoppers said.

And then there were shoppers who tried to ignore the long lines and cramped stores just to get those deals.

Mall employees say they expect even larger crowds over the weekend as more and more sales slash prices in half.

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