Gas price drops spur travelers, 2015 hopes

Gas price drops spur travelers, 2015 hopes

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As gas prices continue to fall, drivers are hopeful it will continue and in turn give the economy a boost.

The Bradfords are making sure to take advantage of the low gas prices this holiday season.

"We're traveling to sunny Fort Lauderdale so we can bike and play tennis. And we love these gas prices. We're just so happy about it. It just makes us want to travel and see the country," said Laveda Bradford.

The family, traveling from Birmingham, was encouraged to hit the road, rather than the skies due to low prices.

"That's one thing we thought about," said David Bradford. "We're going to Fort Lauderdale and it's cheaper with the gas, we can drive instead of fly and we have the freedom to drive our car when we're there and not have to get a rental car. So that was a good benefit."

Gas prices have fallen to the lowest level since May of 2009 at an average of $2.30 a gallon.

Georgia's average is $2.30 a gallon.

"In Atlanta it's around $2.60, $2.70 for gas," said Atlanta resident Amara Ogbuehi. "But here in Albany it's below $2.00 and that's awesome!."

AAA says prices have fallen for 92 straight days, which has never happened before.

Experts believe the price of gas could fall another dime before leveling off next month.

Drivers are hoping prices at the pump stimulate the economy as 2015 approaches.

"I think it will help reinvigorate the economy and move us, continue our trend upward. I think it's a good thing," said Atlanta resident Nick Mulkey.

Laveda agrees.

"I think it'll bump the economy. It'll give people more liquid money to buy gifts and buy cars and help their children in college," she said.

The Bradfords also hope the low prices will mean even more traveling for the new year.

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