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Congregation gives away a car

Sandra Morman Sandra Morman
Pastor Lawrence Knighton Pastor Lawrence Knighton
BACONTON, GA (WALB) - Every week dozens of participate in morning service at St. James Missionary Church, but the Christmas Day service wasn't like any other.

"Everyone was looking at me!" Long time church member Sandra Morman was shocked to find a new car sitting out front, just for her.

"When they called my name I was so excited, so emotional. I couldn't even get up, they had to help me up!"

Morman's previous car gave out and that's when the church stepped in. Pastor Lawrence Knighton says the congregation's goal is to gift a new, deserving person each month.

"I just think what we as a community, and when I say community I mean what churches have to do, is start being intentional about finding people to bless because that's what God expects of us."

Church members feel it's not about what you do inside the church but what you do outside that really makes a difference.

"We are a church of giving and we are people person, especially my pastor. He has a love for his church and his members at his church and I just thank God for him."

Morman says the new car will allow her to re-gain her independence. "I can drive myself around I won't have to wait on anyone to take my anywhere. I can just get in my car and go. I feel like the Queen of Baconton!"

And go in style, dedicated to her community.

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