Many ring in the holiday with communion

Many ring in the holiday with communion

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Its Christmas Eve and many people are bringing in the holiday with communion services.

Many churches like here at St. Pauls Episcopal Church are having Communion Services Wednesday night. And these services remind people about the true meaning of Christmas.

Many here at Porterfield Memorial United Methodist Church worshipped together this Christmas Eve, to remember the reason for the holiday.

"Tonight is about Christ, tonight is about the birth of the Savior into the life of the world and into our hearts again," said Pastor Leigh Ann Raynor.

Members and visitors here packed the church to partake in the communion service, a symbolic representation of the last supper.

"We're going to celebrate Santa Claus later, but first we want to start by celebrating the birth of Christ," said Pastor Leigh Ann Raynor.

Porterfield held two communion services Wednesday evening. The first included a family friendly program that involved children of all ages.

"I enjoy coming to the 5 o'clock because the kids always do something. We have a children moment or we do a little pageant like," said Leslie.

"It's very kid friendly and its fun for everyone," said Matthew.

And Pastor Raynor says services like these are the most exciting of the year.

"I love the spirit of the children and I love the laughter and the noise. Just the loudness of this service. When they catch the spirit of children then you've caught the spirit of Christmas," said Pastor Raynor

In the Methodist Church, everyone is welcome to take part in Holy Communion.

"You just have to be able to answer the invitation honestly between yourself and God," said Pastor Leigh Ann Raynor.

St Pauls communion service will end at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night.

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