Crisp County pounded by overnight storm

Crisp County pounded by overnight storm

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Some roads around south Georgia are shut down tonight following heavy rainfall. Crisp County had some of the worst rain.

A Ford ranger driving through Williams Park in Cordele leaves behind ripples instead of tire marks.

Sheriff Billy Hancock says it's one of places hit hardest by the overnight storm

"280 had the westbound lane of it closed, but as far as concentration, was inside the city limits over on second avenue, third avenue, in between about third street and fourth street," said Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock.

"There used to be a road on the other side of the mailboxes."

No one knows that quite like this family--their cars halfway underwater; their yard littered with trash floating through the park.

"I came out here and looked around and i was like, oh my god, there's like so much water out here," said Candy Gerow.

"I thought she was exaggerating. She wasn't exaggerating," said mother Jane Thornton.

The rain was still coming down at 11 this morning, slowly creeping up the steps and tires of their biggest possessions.

"I'm more worried about the house than the cars. They're replaceable, but you're life isn't," said Thornton.

City and county crews were fighting the flood all night as nearly 5 inches of rain pounded Crisp County.

"They went in to make sure everybody was safe in their homes; see if we needed to turn electricity off; see if there was anybody in there that need medical help that we needed to get out.

Water ran over roads, up porches, and out of drain pipes.

"Been here two year now, and maybe 3 or 4 inches on the tires of the vehicle, but that's it. This is really crazy," said Thornton.

This family is sticking out the storm though, just praying it stops.

"Just hopefully it will go down," said Gerow.

When it comes to Mother Nature, that's all you can do.

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