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The highways will be crowded

Sgt. Dana Harnage Sgt. Dana Harnage
Vernita Williams Vernita Williams
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Because of low gas prices, State troopers expect to see a lot more people on the roads over the next week or so.

They ask travelers to be careful and watch out for other drivers. Whether you're riding a bike or in a car, it's not the greatest weather to be out on the road.

"I don't ever remember seeing this much rain on Christmas Eve. Not at one time," said Vernida Williams.

And with bad weather and more people traveling, state troopers say the risk for accidents increases.

"When the weather goes like it's been going, we always see more crashes. It just goes along with it," said GSP Sgt. Dana Harnage.

State troopers will be out in full force, looking for speeders, seat belt violations, and people driving under the influence.

"Slow down, drive defensively and watch out for the other person. And particularly slow down with the traffic conditions that are going on today. Lots of cars and the weather is horrible so slow down in particularly," said the trooper.

Many folks are taking advantage of the fact that gas prices are near two dollars a gallon or even less in some places.

"It's helped me out a lot. I'm able to buy more for Christmas, and get out do some things I enjoy doing because gas prices are lower," Williams said.

It also means more people can spend the holidays together.

"I'm having family that's coming in and it's helped them a lot. More of them are coming because of the fact that gas prices are lower," said Williams.

Law enforcers say if you plan to drink, have a designated driver and remember you can dial * GSP to connect to the nearest troop location if you need assistance.

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