Valdosta Police Chief: don't buy kids toy guns

Valdosta Police Chief: don't buy kids toy guns

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Valdosta's Police Chief is pleading with parents to not buy their children toy guns that look like real guns.

Chief Brian Childress displayed some BB guns next to a real gun Tuesday to demonstrate how identical the toys are to the real guns. He said he noticed the guns in a store Monday night during the department's annual shop with a cop event and was outraged.

"I'm asking parents, don't buy these things. And, I'm also pleading with these pellet gun companies. Don't make these like this. There is absolutely no way a cop can tell a difference," said Childress.

Childress also emphasized that if an officer sees a kid with one of these guns and the kid points the gun at the officer, either intentionally or not, the officer will shoot.

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