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Roofers, insurance agents look at storm damage

Ken Drawdy Ken Drawdy
Steve Perrine Steve Perrine
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many folks in South Georgia woke up to hail-covered yards; some even had damaged cars and roofs. Roofing companies and insurance adjusters expect to receive more calls when the weather eventually clears.

Drawdy roofing company received more than 50 calls from homeowners about possible hail damage to their roofs.

"We've been receiving calls since about 8:30 this morning, mainly in the Northwest Albany area. We haven't really been out and seen how much damage that we've had so far with it raining the rest of the day and the next few days," said Ken Drawdy.

Several parts of South Georgia saw hail like this early this morning. Insurance agents have also been getting calls for possible claims.

"We're getting some initial reports in. I know we've had one call, one of our customers claiming that they were involved in the hail storm and want us to check on the roof, which we will do. But it's pretty early and so we're still getting those calls," said Steve Perrine.

As homeowners check for damage, they're encouraged to ask a professional for help.

"Call one of the roofers in town and the only thing we say about roofers, we say about any contractor. Make sure you are calling someone who is reputable, who is licensed and who is bonded," Perrine said.

"Number one, make sure before anybody gets on your roof that they have workers comp, general liability. If anybody gets hurt on that job you could be liable for it. If anybody does any work, this is the certificate right here," said Drawdy.

Drawdy expects their business to pick up once the weather clears.

"It'll start picking up later in the day, tomorrow will get better then of course by about Friday and over the weekend everybody talking about it over Christmas, the phones will really start blowing up next week is what will happen."

The threat for more severe weather could also mean more damage for South Georgia.

Folks are asked to use caution if more severe weather approaches. If you have any damage, take pictures after the storm has passed.

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