Crews prepare for Christmas Eve storm

Crews prepare for Christmas Eve storm

As we monitor the Christmas Eve storm system headed our way some crews are already preparing for potential flooding. A big concern is what this extra rain and wind will do to the already saturated ground.

Crews in Lee County are setting out barricades in preparation for potential flooding.

The majority of South Georgia remains under a flash flood watch Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening.

"One thing that concerns us a little bit is this heavy rain flooding coming in because it comes in quick," said Mike Sistrunk, the Lee County Public Works Director. "We're actually going to set up barricades now to get ahead of the game and then all we do is put them out on the road when that happens, if we get the rain that they're talking about."

And the rain is coming down on an already saturated ground.

"The main threat comes Tuesday morning at 7 am through Wednesday evening at 7 pm. And that's when we're going to anticipate heavy rainfall, four to six inches of rain and locally we could even see more than that," said Ryan Beesley, WALB meteorologist.

As crews prepare, authorities are warning drivers to use caution and slow down, especially on dirt roads.

"I think at nigh-time is the big concern to us on dirt roads because you don't know if the road is washed out or whatever," said Sistrunk.

"Make sure they turn their lights on any time that it's raining because it's very important, because sometimes vehicles fit in with the background," said Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals. "And also take your time."

In addition to rain this storm system could bring damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes.

"The saturated ground is not only going to effect the flash flooding aspect of this event, but also the damage that we could see because if you have water logged roots they're going to fall over with just 40 mph gusts and we're forecasting 60 mph gusts and maybe greater with those isolated tornadoes," said Beesley.

A storm system that's packing a punch for Christmas Eve.

Lee County public works crews are off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you have any problems with roads, call the Sheriff's Office.

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