Copper thieves damages Sumter County building

Copper thieves damages Sumter County building

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Copper thieves cause nearly $50,000 damage to a county building in Americus.

22 heating and air conditioning units at the Human Services building were vandalized and copper stolen from the units.

The damage was mainly to the copper supply lines.

County officials were notified by Americus Police of the problem Tuesday morning.

The county had to make the costly repairs to the units in a hurry to keep the building warm for workers and visitors.

This is not the first time the building has been hit for copper.

“What the public needs to realize, these are the type of things that run up the cost that run up the cost of everything in our community. These types of vandalism must be fixed. Until they stop our cost of living in this area is just going to take a hit," said Bill Twomey, County Administrators.

Because of the thefts and vandalism, the county installed several security cameras on the building. The sheriff's office and city police are investigating other copper thefts around town.

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