Family of crash victim sends wish to Luke Bryan

Family of crash victim sends wish to Luke Bryan

BACONTON, GA (WALB) - "I miss y'all. Keep praying. I love y'all. I'm going to do this."

Those were the words of Hannah Croker in a Facebook video to friends and family after she was severely injured in a crash one month ago.

She's hoping to make a Christmas wish come true. Now her 10 second video and a message of hope have gone viral.

Hannah asked for one thing- to meet Luke Bryan.

"Everybody here started tagging everybody and then people kept seeing it and they kept re-posting the video," explained Faith Wyatt, who is Hannah Croker's aunt. "It's just reached so many people."

Wyatt re-posted a video taken by Hannah's mom onto the Bobby Bones radio show's Facebook page, which really gave it a boost.

The video is the first time 14-year-old Hannah spoke to some family members, after the crash that happened on November 22nd. It left her severely injured. Doctors said she was paralyzed from the neck down.

"That was the first time that we had all seen her talk," said Wyatt. "I did not know she was able to talk over the tracheotomy yet."

Wyatt also talked about Hannah's wish to meet Luke Bryan.

"She said that his music just picks her up when she's feeling down, she explained. "Meeting Luke Bryan would be just a dream come true. Something that nobody can ever take away from her. That would be the biggest Christmas present ever."

The post received more than 800 shares in just the first few days, reaching people from all over the country, including Luke Bryan.

"I've been contacted by people that know him personally and they've told me, they've assured me that he's seen the video. And he knows that that's something she really wants. He has not said yes or no, and that's how I want it to be. I don't want anyone to know, but him and his family," said Wyatt.

She hopes it's a personal appearance, but said no matter what happens, she's happy Luke is considering.

"I do realize they recently had a loss in their family, so I don't want them to be bombarded," Wyatt said. I want them to be left alone now, because they know what's going on. If he makes the decision to show up, that's great. If he can't, that's great. At least he took the consideration. I just don't want them to be hounded."

Since the crash, the community has been rallying around the family, trying to raise money for Hannah's mother, who is a single mother of three and quit her job to stay in Atlanta with Hannah.

Wyatt started selling bracelets and t-shirts to help with medical expenses.

To donate to the family, click this link.

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