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Moultrie city officials approve sign amendment

New amendment for digital signs New amendment for digital signs
Mickey Hood, Paradise Pool and Patio Owner Mickey Hood, Paradise Pool and Patio Owner
Mike Scott, City Manager Mike Scott, City Manager
New LED Sign for Paradise Poole and Patio New LED Sign for Paradise Poole and Patio

City officials in Moultrie believe changes to the sign ordinance will make local roads safer. The city has had several complaints that some signs could be a distraction for drivers.

City officials hope the amendment for digital messaging signs create less of a distraction but also allow businesses to continue their advertising.

Paradise Pool and Patio Owner, Mickey Hood, is getting a new LED sign. He's hoping the sign's appeal will increase revenue for his business.

"The price has come down and we've seen figures from 20 to 30 percent increase in the business that it will draw into our store from people riding by and seeing the LED Signs,” said Mickey Hood, Paradise Poole and Patio Owner.

Hood's sign complies with the new amendment to the city's sign ordinance. City officials unanimously approved a size limit for digital messaging signs Tuesday night after receiving several complaints about the sign's brightness and size.

"We had a lot of people saying that when you drive down streets where some of these were located it was just so bright that you couldn't see other cars coming or pulling out,” said Mike Scott, City Manager.

Signs can be as large as 120 square feet, but the Digital signs can only be 30 percent of that. The ordinance already limits words on digital signs to change more than once every 10 seconds.

"This is a good compromise and I don't see any issues on the horizon,” said Scott.

Hood says he's glad the city addressed signage issues in the area.

"Some of the signage around here is a distraction to traffic and we certainly don't want that. They've been very helpful to us in trying to work through this and I'm thankful they've actually approved our request,” said Hood.

Hood says he plans to get his new sign in February.

Violations of the ordinance can result in fines of up to 300 dollars or 100 days in jail or both depending on the judge's discretion.

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