Police increase reward money after unsolved murders

Police increase reward money after unsolved murders
More than a dozen family members attended the announcement of the increased reward money.
More than a dozen family members attended the announcement of the increased reward money.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - In the wake of a wave of four separate unsolved murders in Albany this year, the city and police have increased reward money to catch the killers.

A room full of more than a dozen family members mourned the murders of sons or daughters this year. The father of 24-year-old Anthony Cook, gunned down at a party on Sands Drive November 23rd said he is heartbroken.

"We'll never hear his voice again," he said. "We'll never see him again. We know somebody out there knows something."

Police investigators agree that there are people who know who killed all five people involved in these shootings, and they say the city is putting up extra reward money to get them to help.

"There is substantial money there," said Albany Police Chief John Proctor. "In some of these cases there is already some reward money. And this just adds to that."

33-year-old Kentrell Knighton was shot multiple times in his South Harding apartment on December 6th, and his family is asking for help.

"I just hope some of you all would have the courage to step forward," Cousin Alfonza Lewis said. "And you can be anonymous. And just help us bring some closure to our family for the death of Kentrell Knighton."

23-year-old Jeffrey Nunley was shot in an alley off of West Whitney on May 5th. His mother will spend her first Christmas without him this year.

"This is a rough time of the year for any victim to lose a loved one," said Albany Police Investigator Gregory Batson. "Please provide any information that you have in reference to this case."

28-year-old Jessica Bryant was murdered on October 18th in her South Cleveland home with her two sons by her side. Her family is pleading for help bringing her killer to justice, and to stop the senseless killings.

"Some of you all seem to think killing is a matter of fun, or proving a point," said Father Wildmon Bryant. "It ain't necessary. End it now."

If you have any information about any of the murders, you can call CrimeSTOPPERS and give your information anonymously.

There is additional reward money available.

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