People are shopping in Downtown Moultrie

People are shopping in Downtown Moultrie

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Many small retailers depend on a good Christmas season to stay in business.

Some store owners in downtown Moultrie said this is turning out to be a record season.

Stores around the square in downtown Moultrie are bringing in more money than previous years, which is good news for their businesses and the local economy.

Local merchants in Moultrie are seeing plenty of shoppers spending money in their stores.

"A busy, busy season. There are cars everywhere and when you walked into the stores there are customers waiting in line," said Amy Johnson.

And because of the customers, Market on the Square is having their best Christmas shopping season ever.

"Incredible, we had a wonderful Christmas season here. We are up 30 percent from last year and last year was actually our record year," said Carol Herndon.

Griner's Jewelry is also packed with people looking for just the right piece of jewelry for the holidays.

"Amen, the ladies love it and I do too and I noticed the ladies brought in their husbands in this time of the year," said Darrell Griner, owner.

Griner said his store is so busy, they extended the store hours.

"The last couple of nights we have been here to eight or nine o'clock. That's trying to get all our loose ends tied up after the store closes. That's a good indication you're having a good season,"

Most retailers in downtown Moultrie said they're also seeing a lot of out of town customers shopping in their stores.

"We really try to bring the things to Moultrie that shoppers want. That's why they're coming.

"It helps the tax base. It helps the local merchants and most of the local merchants are mom and pops stores," said Johnson.

Downtown Moultrie store owners also believe the state championship win for the Packers helped increase sales in their stores.

Many retailers in downtown Moultrie said they plan to open Sunday and close late so people can complete their Christmas Shopping.

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