Low gas prices mean busy holiday roadways, GOHS says stay safe

Low gas prices mean busy holiday roadways, GOHS says stay safe

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With gas prices so low, officials believe there will be a record number of drivers on the road the next couple of weeks. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety is giving tips of what we should do to stay safe on the busy roadways for the holidays.

Gas prices are dipping closer to two dollars in Albany, as we inch closer to Christmas. And With some of the lowest gas prices we've had in years, officials think this is going to be a big holiday travel period. More people are able to afford visiting family and friends.

"It's going to be a busy time of traffic and this is an area where a lot of people have family in different directions that are going to be traveling," said Harris Blackwood.

There were nearly 44,000 crashes and 160 fatalities in Georgia in the last year's holiday travel period from Thanksgiving to New Years' Eve.

Governor's Office of Highway Safety director Harris Blackwood says though those numbers are slightly lower so far this year, he reminds everyone to drive safely and make sure your car is ready for winter travel.

"Look around your car, turn on your lights and make sure everything is working," added Blackwood. "Take a look at those tires and make sure one isn't worn. Those are the kinds of things we can do proactively."

He says you should limit yourself from distractions and keep your phone out of sight. GOHS also advises you go ahead and assign a designated driver for your holiday get togethers. Law enforcement will be heavily patrolling the roads to catch any drunk drivers.

"Do that ahead of time," stated Blackwood. "Don't make that a problem at the party when you're trying to figure it out and you've had too much to drink already."

If you do end up needing a ride home, AAA and Budlight will be sponsoring the Tow-to-go program again this year. For more information and highway safety tips, click HERE and HERE.

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