DOCO Credit Union gives tips to avoid fraud

DOCO Credit Union gives tips to avoid fraud

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Officials at the DOCO Credit Union are reminding you to stay alert this holiday season to protect your credit cards.

Recently, a risk management service notified DOCO Credit Union that several customers may have been involved in a large breach. After reviewing the list, they proactively reached out to those involved in fraud to replace their cards and avoid problems during the holiday shopping period.

"We found out what their situation was, whether we needed to make arrangements so they can continue using their card or to also let them know that they needed to be on high alert. Then we proceeded to also reissue a lot of cards," said Robert Youngblood, DOCO Credit Union Executive Vice President.

Officials there want to remind you to keep an eye on your statements for any unknown purchases. You should also keep your cards and identifications in a safe place and notify your bank of irregularities.

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